Lara Coassin

Lara Coassin is a creative practitioner from Germany working with film photography and graphic design. 
Her work positions itself in the realm of the sustainability movement addressing nature, our human interaction and fashion.

London, United Kingdom


︎︎︎HoJ Artists

︎︎︎Greenhaus Magazine
︎︎︎Doyenne Skatebards
︎︎︎Wolf & Gypsy Vintage
︎︎︎Fashion Design Yearbook



BA Fashion Communication, Brighton University,
United Kingdom 
Final Major Project

Winner of the Incentive Award, Nagoya University of the Arts, Japan (June 2022)

Mycowerks is a community space and online magazine by creatives for creatives. Based on the nature of fungi, it explores how communication, collaboration, a sense of community, and our connectedness to one another and the planet can help in our efforts for a more sustainable future of fashion. I am the proud art directer and graphic designer of the digital magazine and have largely contributed to the photographic and linguistic contributions to the space.︎︎︎


Selected Photographs ︎︎︎

Mycowerks Web Design, Desktop and Mobile ︎︎︎